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Lawsuit Funding: Installment vs. Lump Sum Payment

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

What is the right choice for you?

When looking at your options for pre-settlement funding from a lawsuit, it can be very difficult to figure out which pre-settlement plan is best for you. In order to help you make a better decision on the type of funding to look for, we’ve put together this simple checklist to secure the most cost-efficient and beneficial funding for your needs.

1. How much money do you really need, right now?

a) If you need to make large immediate payments, or are facing a significant hardship such as home foreclosure or vehicle repossession, then a lump sum payment may be the best option.

b) If your bills are manageable but you are coming up short each month, the installment plan may be the best option for you.  This plan reduces the cost of the funding and provides a monthly case flow.

2. In order to determine your immediate needs, we recommend creating a financial checklist of your immediate and long-term needs.  Be sure to reduce and/or eliminate all non-necessary costs. Then when you are ready to apply for a pre-settlement funding, you will be able to determine your true financial needs and then setup the most effective and cost-efficient plan

Disclaimer: Pre-Settlement Finance specializes in pre-settlement funding. They are not a legal services, financial, tax, or accounting firm, and the information presented here represents an opinion of Pre-Settlement Finance based on general observations. Please consult with your attorney and/or a financial professional before making any funding decisions.