Coupons: The Great Money-Saving Strategy

If you’re trying to find ways to reduce household expenses while waiting for your lawsuit settlement to come to a conclusion, you may be looking for opportunities to cut back on your grocery bills.

To cut costs on those items you just can’t live without, like groceries, toiletries, and other necessities, we’ve put together a list of some of the best informational sources to help you reduce, reuse, and save some green!


If you’re ready to see your grocery bill cut down to almost nothing, and your stockpile of groceries and toiletries multiply at the same time, extreme couponing is for you. We’re not talking about saving $0.25 when you buy 3 of something you didn’t even need in the first place, here. The new strategy of ‘extreme couponing’ is to use all sources available (newspapers, internet, and store sales) to maximize your savings, and many times even get needed items for free!

There are several websites that will help you learn how to do this, but one of the best we’ve found is The Krazy Coupon Lady. There is an entire category dedicated to beginners, to help you learn how to start working with coupons for maximum savings.

Online Savings

If you need to make a larger purchase, or one outside the scope of what you can find on coupon sites and in newspaper listings, it’s time to check out the vast array of websites dedicated to helping you save money. For best results, be sure to check these sites before making any purchase, whether in-store or online.

  • – substantial savings on gift certificates to use in restaurants throughout the country. Be sure to look here before planning your next night out.
  • & – daily deals on services and products in your neighborhood. Simply register your email address, and you’ll get deals delivered to your inbox for merchandise and services in your area.
  • – this site is a compilation of promo codes and special offers on thousands of products and services throughout the country. Before making a big purchase, be sure to look for special offers here.
  • & – unbelievable selections of new and used items from individuals and retailers throughout the world.
  • Promo Codes – last but not least, if you are set on a particular product, service, or retailer, go to and type in ‘X brand/company/service promo codes’ to see if any offers are available online that you can use.

If you do your homework and change the way you shop, you’ll be able to minimize your monthly and household expenses and increase your savings immediately.

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  1. ebayjunkie says:

    You will not believe the bargains I’ve bought on eBay. I do not work for eBay and I an not an eBay seller. But I am an eBay saver. Before I buy anything, I see if it is on eBay. I bought by mother the Syracuse China she had dreamed about for years. The retail price for the 12-piece servings set was $2,200. I bought it for less than $300, and that included shipping.

    You will not believe the bargains on Ebay. I am constantly amazed.

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