Concerned About a Lawsuit Ruining Your Credit?

Lawsuit Funding can help you pay bills so your injury doesn’t kill your credit score.        Avoid bad credit during lawsuit

Are you concerned about the effect a reduction in income could have on your credit score if you’re unable to pay bills on time while waiting for your lawsuit to settle? Are you already late on payments to creditors and looking for a way to avoid defaulting, or possible repossession? If so, you may be a good candidate for litigation funding to cover your bills while you wait for the completion of your case.


A poor credit score can take a major toll on your financial well-being for years to come, making it more difficult to obtain credit for a vehicle, home purchase, or household loan; and making every dollar you borrow more expensive due to a potentially increased interest rate on your debt. When faced with this situation during the process of a lawsuit, you have several options available to you. Here are several steps you can take immediately to get back on track, and keep your credit score in check:


  1. Contact creditors to discuss options
    1. Some lenders may allow you to put payments on hold for a short period of time, or even cancel your accounts to secure a lower interest rate.
    2.  If you haven’t contacted creditors yet, this is a good first step to getting back on track.
  2. Pay at least the minimum amount due on all debts
    1. This is probably not the time to be concerned with paying larger amounts to reduce your overall debt. If you’re having financial trouble, see if you can adjust some household expenses to at least pay the minimums due on all accounts.
  3. Consolidate debts where possible to reduce monthly repayment expenses
    1. You may be able to transfer credit card debt to a lower interest card, or consolidate student loan debt to get a lower payment and fewer payments due.
  4. Look into presettlement finance options to get cash now
    1. If you’re unable to make ends meet, and unable to pay the minimum amounts due to creditors while your lawsuit continues, then you should review your options for lawsuit financing. This can provide much-needed support to help keep your bills, and credit score, in check while you navigate through your case. Contact a representative at PSFinance today to discuss your options.


3 Responses to “Concerned About a Lawsuit Ruining Your Credit?”

  1. Callister says:

    Regarding getting back on your feet, many utilities will will agree to keep your gas and electric on if you pay a minimum each month. Sometimes they require just $10 each month and they will not turn off your service.

  2. Robert says:

    If you have, you can cash in an IRA. You can repay the funds in 60 days with no penalty, but if you do not replace the funds, you have to pay tax on the money plus a penalty. But it is cash that could get you through until you get your settlement or go back to work.

  3. LadyInWaiting says:

    We could no longer afford it, so we had our cable turned off. They stopped billing us over a year ago, but we still get cable!

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